Hello everybody,

Luke doesn’t have a lot of time to write these days what with being back in school and all, so here’s a quick update.

Apologies for not doing this sooner, but most days I meet myself coming back!

Luke is heading into his third term in Oldcastle Post Primary School with Aidan by his side, well mostly he’s under the table as Luke works away.

Luke hates school, loves school, thinks it’s ok, thinks it is hell on earth, whinges about going, can’t wait to get there, so in short I think things are fairly normal as far as that goes!

Aidan is with him full time, and these days he’s like a shadow, he draws so little attention.

There were some little blips in the beginning, like when Aidan refused to stay in a room on his own because he isn’t allowed to go into the home economics room, so he howled like a baby for a double period and we nearly lost our lives with worry, but that was solved by allowing him hang out in the general purpose area, where he can safely watch the world go by. phew!

His name really doesn’t come up alot anymore, as Luke has much more important things to think about, homework, assignments and what he’s going to buy for his lunch in the school canteen.

Their biggest achievement to date has to be the school Ceili for St Patrick’s day, the theme, bizzarly was james Bond, so Luke painted his finger gold, and that was that and I heard a rumour that they both danced a jig of some sort!.

Aidan, it has to be said, has mixed feelings about school too…sometimes he likes to ignore Luke’s assistant, and he sulks sometimes like the other first years….but overall he has settled in well.

He seems to understand better than half the school the rule about walking down the corridor on the right and up on the left, and even in the hall he likes Luke to stick to the wall and not to be wandering into the middle of the floor….he takes his job very seriously!

And as for schools past…work in progress is all I want to say….but it made me sad a bit today when I realised Oisin revisited this page today, because I know the whole saga still plays on their minds…they bring it up now and then.

I do however tell them that life is all about looking forward, and overall I think they are resiliant boys and can do that.

Incidently, Oisin settled in brilliantly to Ballinacree School, and I have never seen him happier, he’s busy now preparing to join Luke in second level school in September, and all in all he is the better for the move. Blessing come in all sorts of disguises.

Sooooo, I guess, aside from a tiny bit of unfinished business, ( will elaborate when it’s finished business) all’s well that ends well.

Luke and Aidan’s next challenge is summer exams….and after that a long summer of well earned relaxation awaits them.

Thank you all for your support over what can only be described as a horrible time……you can’t begin to believe how uplifting your likes and comments were last year, and i don’t think we really took time to tell you all that….it’s the little things that keep you sane.

Kind Regards,

Pauline Kelly Melia
AKA Tiger Mammy!

September Blues…..


We haven’t been blogging all summer long because Luke has taken a welll deserved  break.

This year he has upped his reading and maths by a grade so he is very happy with himself.

We used a programme from the states called Success Maker which you buy into using the Smart Education Centre in Galway,

There is a lovely teacher there called Mary….she is our hero.

Physically, while on holiday in Galway, we all visited the Gowna mines…now, that involves 136 steps down and another 136 to climb back out.

Four years ago, Luke visited this mine and his Dad had to carry him out as the climb was too much for him.

Since then they have extended the mine.

Luke climbed in and out with Aidan by his side without a bother….if that doesn’t just say it all……

Jenny and IDFD are our unsung heros….because without Aidan, Luke would be still down that mine, as there is no way his Dad could have carried him out this time!!!

Anyway, as the sun starts to set on our long long break, Luke is kitted out in his new uniform and ready for action….and Aidan has his new raincoat!

How mad is that.

Luke wants to go quietly into his new life without any fanfare or fuss….he just wants to get his head around everything, catch up with old mates, and make some new ones and live life like everyone else, so you can appreciate why we are keeping our heads down…this is a huge thing for any pre teen, never mind one with extra challenges…..so we would ask you all to send him positive thoughts, prayers, wishes etc to give him courage.

With regard to the difficult business that led to setting up the boys blog…when we have more news here is where we will post it..

We have made some brilliant new friends this year through the saddest of circumstances and lessons have been learned all around I suspect

We are planning a big party for Luke to celebrate the life of Luke, so far…. and to wish him well, and us luck, in his new teenage life.

All his friends and family are coming here for dinner and everyone is going to bring a positive comment about Luke to speak about during the meal and also an envelope.

Inside the envelope we have asked everyone to write Luke a message and we are gathering them all in a blues bottle.

Plan is, that any time Luke has a bad day he can choose to open an envelope to cheer himself up.

This is one party he is really looking forward to.

and until then it’s Lukes time to shine.Image

I have attached a picture of the boys hangin on a cruise ship in Killary Harbour…and that is cidona he’s drinking in case anybody wonders…..

Luke’s Mammy wrote this blog….because both boys  is on holidays and refuses to blog during his break…..and who can blame him.



Just a quick note from Brendan and Pauline to let everyone know that we really appreciate their comments, does the heart good.


I have ammended the petition today to explain that Aidan comes from Irish Dogs for the Disabled, because in fairness, they are unsung heros.


They are a fab charity, who get no funding, and yet do so much powerful work.

Before Luke got Aidan, he led a life punctuated by falls.

These falls curtailed his independence.

Now he is a different boy, he flies around the place with Aidan.


This was our goal, but what we weren’t ready for was the marked improvement in his physical welbeing.

The further he walks, the fitter and stronger he becomes, the fitter he becomes the further he walks.

He is exercising muscles in a way he never has before, and it turns out that walking is the only way you can exercise crucial muscles, and the more you exercise them, the stronger they become.


All this means that Luke’s disability, when it will never go away, has lost steam, and he is no longer shrinking, as his muscles loosen he walks taller and taller.

It has changed the journey for us in so many ways…

And it’s all down to a girl in Cork, who believes in the power of assistance dogs to change lives.


Thanks irish dogs for the disabled and to Jenny Dowler….miracle worker.

Murder and Mystery

Last night me and my brother, Aidan, Mam and Clare Jones went to a murder mystery night in aid of Irish dogs for the disabled.

We raised some money with Dorothy to thank Jenny who is the lady who gave me my dog.

She lives in Cork.

She let us stay in a big house.

She taught me how to use Aidan, and other stuff.

If we hadn’t met Jenny, I’d be falling 24/7 to be exact, and life without Aidan would be bad and sore.

So Jenny is just great.

She works for Irish Dogs, and she gets up very early every morning.

She showed me how to be in charge.

Thank God for Jenny and Irish Dogs…

Hope she knows how much we counted on her and what a brilliant job she does.



Big Fat Friday

thank god its Friday.

we are going to a murder mystery event.

Me and  Oisin are dressing up as Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

Aidan is coming too.

It is  a fundraiser For dogs for disabled.

It’s the first time me and Aidan will be out at hight,  and we are all really excited.

We are going to have a late night,  I am going to miss playing with my x box!

Tomorrow I am going on a protest in Navan shopping centre.

People are not being allowed to do stuff what they want to do,  and I think that’s b s….  Mammy wont let me say the word!

Its Aidan’s first protest.

Maybe me and ois will go to subway with Aidan,  when mammy’s not looking and we might go into game shop,  but mammy says we’re not allowed buy games because its not christmas or my birthday.

Happy weekends


luke and aidan



Dear Oisin

oisin is good brother

he helps me with my dog aiden.

he plays with me.

i play wrestling with him.

he feeds shara and i feed aiden.

oisn built a treehouse in a tree.

he plays guitar.

he makes me laugh.

he is  kind

I am lucky



Another Letter to President Higgins….

dear mr Higgins

I am Oisin Kelly Melia

You probably got a letter from my brother, Luke Kelly Melia who has a stability dog called Aidan .

I am eleven years old and there is a problem with our school.

They said that Aidan is not allowed in school.

At first they seemed fine with Aidan going into the school.

On the day of the Christmas holidays, just after luke and I went to schoo,l mam got a letter from the school.

It said Aidan is not allowed in school anymore.

Mam did not tell us until we were going back to school because she didn’t want to ruin christmas for us.

I was in the den playing the x box when luke came in and said I’m not going to school on Monday because the school said that Aidan is not allowed in.

Mam said that I am not going either.

But Monday turned into rufly about ten weeks.

The worst thing is that I havent seen my friends since Christmas.

If Luke went to school without Aidan like the school are asking him too, he will eventually injure himself from falling.

I feel anxious when my brother falls because I am worried all the time that he might hurt himself, or he might fall in front of a car, or he might fall into a river, or he might even fall into a fire at Halloween.

It’s not easy having a brother with cerebral palsy.

I don’t think that he should be made to go back to school without his dog because shouldn’t have to fall when there’s a way to stop his falls.

Mammy and Daddy have asked lots of people to help us already, and they have a little bit but the school have to do up a policy and I think their taking too long, eight weeks is too long to make a policy.

You are kind of the boss of the country so then you could get us loads of numbers of famous people who might help us?

Or maybe you could help us yourself?

Me and Luke think you are the only hope we have left, if you , the boss of the country could help us… then I bet I’d be back in school in no time and Luke would be back in school with his dog.


I guess you must be a very busy man, but if you could find even a minute to pick up the phone and help us we’d really appreciate it.



Yours sincerely Oisin Kelly Melia.

Letter to President Michael D Higgins

My name is Luke Kelly Melia and I am thirteen.

I am home schooled at the moment because the board of management won’t let the Aidan in, he’s the dog that helps me walk.

If you’re wondering why I need him, I have cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy affects my legs.

The messages in my brain sends to my legs gets messed up and bang I hit the ground.

Before I got Aidan I was falling 24/7 on my front and back and it hurt like hell.

So when I got Aidan I was training for a week in Cork and I did well, so now if you’re wondering, this is before all this doo doo happened.

It was going pretty great, Aidan was dropping me to my class, and back to my car with not a bother until christmas.

After Christmas I was planning on keeping him with me all day.

Then the letter came, I didn’t know what was happening and this was after I got my christmas holidays.

The letter said, you can’t bring the dog into school anymore.

This made me feel really sad.


Mammy and Daddy decided to home school us because of this and I haven’t been in school since December.


It’s all turned into a really big nonsense.

I’m bored, My brother is bored, and I really want this sorted out.

We’ve been on the newspaper, the radio, twice and TV3,  everybody seems to care except the BOM.

I don’t think they care at all.

Aidan is really soft.

He’s harmless to others.

He wears a halti and a harness and there’s this thing on top of the harness, I don’t know what it’s called but I hold it and he pulls me along.

When I wobble Aidan stops and usually the fall goes away.

When I do fall, its never backwards, those falls are completely gone.

If  I do fall forwards, I now lean on Aidan’s shoulder and pull myself up.


I am writing to you because you are the last hope I have.

Mam has written to the minister for education, and the inspector and the bishop and they ignored her.

Mammy and Daddy are worn out now, so I have decided to write this to you.

Please listen to me and see what you can do.

You can see me on YouTube if you google my name or my clip is called fall down seven times get up eight times.

It’s called that because that’s what happens to me without my dog.

Please could you sign our petition at the link below, I need your help.


My school was called Knocktemple National School.




Luke Kelly Melia.

Aged 13.